How We Got Started...

Starting a business is hard. Growing a business is even harder. We know - we’ve been through it. Coming up with an idea, quitting your secure job, risking it all to pursue your dream. It’s stressful. Once you make that decision to go for it, there is a lot of work that needs to be put in. Most people aren’t cut out for it. But you are. That’s why you’re here. We want to help make the transition from 9-5 corporate slave, to total world domination as smooth and simple as possible. 

We believe in the entrepreneur. The small business owner. The moms and pops of the world. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have had the Steve Jobs and Elon Musks that we’ve had. By helping as many people get started as possible, we increase the odds of adding more of those types of geniuses into the world. That’s why we do what we do. That’s what we’re passionate about. Getting your business off the ground, growing your customer base, and allowing you to focus on creating and developing the solutions your business offers.



Meet Our Team



The left-brain. The analytical side. Trenton specializes in SEO, Adwords, and websites.



The right-brain. The creative side. Natasha specializes in photography, video, and design.


Why Choose Us?

The inevitable question. With so many online marketing agencies out there, what deems us worthy of your business?
Here are a few reasons we think you'll like working with Millermore:

We're a Google Adwords Certified Partner
When it comes to SEO, we don't play games or take any chances when it comes to breaking Google's rules. We pay very close attention to any and all updates Google makes to their algorithm, as well as YouTube, Facebook, Bing, and more. We follow the rules they set very closely, and in turn, we are rewarded. We're a Certified Google Adwords Partner and Google Analytics Certified.

Transparent Communication
Tracking a project through e-mail can be frustrating. We use project management tools to communicate with our clients which makes communication clear and easy-to-follow. You'll have access to custom checklists we'll collaborate on, along with due dates and subtasks. No surprises.

Delivering tangible results
Tracking our progress and analyzing the results of our work is critical to understanding what is working for your business, and determining your next steps. We use industry-leading software to track every metric you could imagine. You'll receive reports on a weekly or monthly basis covering your website's traffic, organic search rankings, PPC campaign data, competitor analysis, and more.