Our Content Marketing Philosophy

Good content is a combination of design, writing, and marketing. Content is not only your website copy, but it's much more. Our goal is to create a memorable consumer experience so that your business can reap the long term benefits of great online marketing. From your website copy to your social media posts, the content you produce needs to be well-written and consistent with your branding.

Our Content Creation Process

We start off any project with a discovery session to find out everything we can about your business, your target market, and your industry. This helps us understand your customer's pain points which is what we want to focus your website copy on. We start with listing their pain points and introduce the solution with your company's specific features and benefits. The copy is supported by testimonials and any awards or honors that help build your credibility and trust factor. Each piece of content will include a strong call-to-action to take them along the sales funnel. 

Our content process also includes white-hat SEO techniques such as the initial keyword research, implementing keywords on-site with on-page optimization, submitting sitemaps, and other ways to get your business to the first page of Google for target keywords. 

Copywriting + Blog Posts
Millermore works with your business to write effective copy for your website, blog, ads,?and more. Our writers have experience in many industries and will utilize your knowledge & expertise to help your brand become a thought leader. We will take your top value propositions and turn them into strong content for your website and blog that attracts your prospects while building SEO value.
Social Media Marketing
Every business today needs to be active on social media networks. We will suggest the right platforms for you along with strategies to build your brand awareness. Millermore utilizes social networks to enhance your customer relationships by posting relevant, original content and curated content. Your networks also act as a customer service portal.
Branding +?Graphic Design
Your brand is the most important aspect of your business. Strong, powerful branding sets the tone for your online marketing. To create the best consumer experience, your branding and design need to work flawlessly together to convey your selling points across your target market. Starting with the design of your logo, Millermore begins the creative process by examining your end-user.
Link Earning
The goal is to build quality content that people love to read & share with others so that you will naturally build links. Millermore is a white-hat SEO firm which means that everything we do is recommended by the search engines to increase your domain authority and ranking for top relevant keywords. We will be earning links by producing content on a consistent basis.

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