About PPC Advertising

There are many options when choosing where to run your PPC campaigns. We use a multiple platforms: Google Adwords, YouTube, Facebook, and Bing. Each platform brings different options to the table. PPC, or Pay-Per-Click advertising platforms, means your ads will show for free - you only pay if someone clicks on the ad.

Our PPC Process

Setting an objective it critical. You need to figure out exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Are you looking to increase your e-mail subscriber list? How about more leads? Phone calls? Facebook Likes? Who are these people? Considering all options from the outset is key to a successful advertising campaign.

Once we have a clear objective, we can begin researching keywords and developing ads. We need to figure out exactly what people are searching for, what websites they are on, and create ads based on different themes that will work for that audience. Our keyword lists and the ads themselves will continue to grow over time. Here is more information on our PPC service:

PPC Campaign Setup + Management
For an effective PPC campaign, you'll need a full setup and monthly management of the account. This includes researching the ideal keywords and variations to bid on, writing the copy and designing the ads, organizing the account, reporting on results, A-B testing, and making edits as time goes on to optimize the overall performance of the account.
Reach Your Audience
Hand-picking your audience is one of the greatest benefits to using a PPC platform, such as Google Adwords or Facebook. Gain the ability to deliver your ads directly to the people in your target market - and only pay if they click on your ad. Picking and choosing which websites to display your banner ads is also another effective way to grow your reach while being selective.
Facebook Advertising
With over 1.4 billion people subscribed, Facebook would be the most populated country on earth, recently surpassing China (1.3B) and India (1.1B), making it an attractive advertising option. Whether you're looking to gain more Likes, Calls, or Sales, Facebook is the ideal social media platform to sponsor your content to your target audience.
YouTube Advertising
Every day, 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube, making it the second largest search engine in the world. Google's video search giant has many advertising options that may be ideal for you business. Developing original video content, or finding the right video to advertise on, could mean a critical boost for your traffic.

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