Users form an opinion of your website in less than half a second.

Users want websites that load fast, are easy to navigate, contains the information they need, and has an engaging design. It needs to work well on all devices, especially mobile using responsive design.

First impressions matter. Your website is not only your online business card, it's your sales team, too. It's job is to inform prospects and convert them into leads or sales.

Our Web Design Process

Every time we build a new website we first take a deep dive into understanding your business. Having a clear understanding of your industry and target market is essential to creating a look-and-feel that will fit the users expectations. Both the user-experience and user-interface are key ingredients in putting together a website that not only look great, but performs flawlessly as well. Below we've listed what you can expect when working with us on a new website project. If you have any questions, please contact us.

1. Deep Dive + Discovery
Understanding your business is the most important part of getting your website right. We'll dive deep into your business, your market, and your audience, discovering key information along the way.
2. Strategy +?Gameplan
With our discovery information, we will formulate the right strategy and gameplan for your website's look and feel. Everything from the content on the website, to how it looks and functions will be drawn up.
3. Asset Development
Branding will communicate quality to your audience. You'll get a fresh corporate identity package, a branded style guide, a collection of media assets, and written copy.
4. Wireframes + Designs
Now that we're ready to start building, we'll first decide on the structure and flow of the site through a series of wireframes. Once the structure is finalized, we'll add in photos and copy.
5. Website Development
Once the design files are approved with all copy, images, and other assets,?we move on to developing the designs into a Wordpress theme.?Other options include using premium Wordpress themes or Squarespace's platform.
6. Launch!
When the website is ready for launch we first go through a thorough inspection, then we notify the search engines about the new website, followed by alerting your audience through social media.

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